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What is your Goal?

I want to lower my manufacturing costs.


In Mexico, factory workers get paid approximately 80% lower than their US counterparts. Skilled machinists and technicians cost employers about 65% less. While labor costs are a big advantage, workers are also highly trained. Six Sigma, Lean, ISO, and other industry-specific standards are commonplace in Mexico.

I would like to be able to visit my factory more easily.


Many that relied on Chinese manufacturing now turn to Mexico. The geographical proximity to the U.S. is such a big benefit. Start nearshoring in Mexico.

I have a product plan, but I need the capital to produce it.


Great news! We offer venture capital to new entrepreneurs. If you have a great product idea and meet our qualifications, we can have a bright future together. Apply for venture capital.

I need help with getting products transported out of Mexico.


There are many ways to ship your product. The real issue is whether your forwarder is taking you for a ride. We make sure it gets done on time without overpaying. Get a custom shipping quote.

I need a dependable and cost-effective Mexican manufacturing partner.


You can find a manufacturer through an online directory. But how do you know they're qualified and reputable? We guarantee to launch your products better, faster, and at a lower cost. Get a dependable production management partner.

I have a great concept but need some design help.


We start by augmenting your team with expert designers. Then you can explore different variations of your idea. We help you to finish and leapfrog your competition. Get design assistance.

Why Manufacture in Mexico?

Before you make a strategic decision, consider 8 benefits:

Low operating costs rates reduce your spend by 50%

Increased ROI due to long-standing global trade agreements

Trust levels are at an all-time high with Mexico

Supply chain improves with short delivery times

Enforced regulations safeguard Intellectual Property

Gain market share by making products with distinct product features

Environmental regulations spur green trade partnerships

Nearshore manufacturing has proven advantages that lower costs


We consider each WITREK client’s specific needs to find the best path to achieving their manufacturing goals.

Contact us today to start taking advantage of all the manufacturing benefits in Mexico, and without any hassles.

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