Designing and manufacturing a product is a ton of work. Yet, even great products can't make you a profit until it gets to market. So having a reliable logistics service is crucial for overall success.

WITREK delivers you a complete solution. This means we will package, store, ship, and track your inventory. We are experts at getting it all done cost-effectively and efficiently.

With our logistics services, you have peace of mind. No matter if it's speed or cost savings you focus on, we guarantee total satisfaction.

WITREK offers logistics management. We tailor the following four areas for every client:

Only reliable facilities with the highest standards ever get used. Included is a packaging optimization process that decreases storage volume. Every piece of your inventory gets tracked, monitored, and protected.

WITREK’s Logistics Team is dedicated to providing the highest level of product care. Our approach is to take the time to understand every business need. Then tailor the service to meet even the most demanding requirements.

U.S. Customs has rigorous requirements about labeling, packaging, and documentation. We guarantee cargo complies with every regulation, so border crossings go smoothly.

We are the “boots-on-the-ground.” This opportunity is how we set ourselves apart from the competition. Customer satisfaction comes by providing clients with transparency, honest communication, and timely reports.

Keep your awesome profit margins while we make logistics seem easy