Mexican health authorities are implementing advisory guidelines to combat the spread. People are to stay at home as much as possible and leave home for work and essential activities. There are social distancing measures, frequent hand hygiene options, and mask-wearing. For the latest information, a government site is available.

We believe in going the extra mile for our customers. But we also recognize that we have room for improvement. So, we use a few different techniques to measure satisfaction. Initially, we share the anonymous feedback link anyone can use. Additionally, we send a post-project survey. For ongoing feedback, we monitor social media comments and engagement levels.

The answer is more complex than the cost of labor. There has been a fundamental shift to global manufacturing for several decades. The difficulty of reversing this lies in how modern supply networks are structured.

Global industrial zones take immense capital and expertise to run competitively. They also have other connected supply chain issues, which is a product of a relentless pursuit to reduce cost. Because our clients rely on us to reduce manufacturing costs, we offer them all the benefits of manufacturing in Mexico.

We get this question a lot and have a lot to say about it. There is a well-developed article that highlights key points to consider. But two main points stand out.

1 – Nearshore Manufacturing has proven advantages that lower costs.

Having shorter shipping distances helps simplify the entire supply chain. Other important issues are cultural similarities, sharing the same time zones, and reducing your production’s carbon footprint.


2 – Increased ROI due to long-standing global trade agreements

Mexico participates in 11 trade agreements, spanning across 43 countries. This includes the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).


Several critical benefits have happened as a result, including:

  • Tariffs are a nonfactor.
  • Transparency levels are high.
  • Mexico has highly trained labor.
  • Workers have safe and fair working conditions.

Offshore indicates that the company hired is in another country. Usually located in a different time zone. Language and culture are frequently barriers to overcome. Nearshore refers to an outsourcing partner that shares a border with your country. The shared cultural and communication behaviors lead to more effective collaboration opportunities.

We work with a variety of customers from many different regions of the world. Our clients are small to medium-sized companies. They are working in a variety of industries. Some are new entrepreneurs or eCommerce startups that seek funding capital. Many want packaging or design advice. All are interested in finding cost-saving solutions.

We embrace the idea you can only improve what you measure. Project Managers use a variety of tools to track the status and report progress. To be more specific, we use Trello for managing tasks,Google Suite to share files and Mavelink for project management.

For us, this is easy to answer. Companies have a lot riding on developing and manufacturing a product. Trying to get that done right the first time without local experience is improbable.

The money we save you and the quality levels we achieve is enough to cover our service charges. But WITREK goes to a whole different level when you add in our extras. We provide product design, quality assurance, schedule management, and logistics. Finally, for those that qualify, there are venture capital opportunities.

We offer a spectrum of services and custom solutions, so our payment terms vary from client to client. For those seeking venture capital, we offer sponsorship opportunities to qualified applicants.

WITREK is a US company with a home office in Los Angeles and has 3 other global locations.

  • Los Angeles, California – US Pacific Time
  • Guadalajara, Mexico – US Central Time
  • Tel Aviv, Israel – See local current time here
  • Budapest, Hungary – Central European Time. See local current time here

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